PETdisk firmware v1.21 available now

Finished another firmware update, this one allows you to use long file names when saving files on the PETdisk. So now you can save something like
and it will work. Yippee!
Download the update on the PETdisk Technical page.

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2 Responses to PETdisk firmware v1.21 available now

  1. tom says:

    Hi I just tried to order the PETdisk but there was no payment going through, how do I complete the order?

    • bitfixer says:

      Hi Tom,
      I just contacted you via email about your order. Currently I do not have the order page directly linked to PayPal. I do all of the order fulfillment myself so there are sometimes delays of a few days due to work/life stuff, and would rather not collect payments immediately if there is significant delay before the order is ready. Thanks for your order!

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