Announcing the PETvet – a RAM/ROM replacement and diagnostic tool for the Commodore PET

Hi everyone,

Wanted to let you know about a new device for your Commodore PET: The PETvet!

Basically, the PETvet replaces all of the RAM and ROM in your PET using a single SRAM chip. Different ROM images are stored in the flash memory of an Atmel microcontroller, which pre-loads the ROM contents into the right place in memory before the CPU starts running.
You can also use the PETvet to view the memory contents of a running PET by dumping the contents over a serial port. This can be useful when debugging an ailing PET motherboard. It can also be used as a basic terminal output for a PET by viewing the contents of video RAM.

The PETvet is in the final stages of testing right now and will soon be available here as a kit or as a fully assembled unit. More details to come.

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2 Responses to Announcing the PETvet – a RAM/ROM replacement and diagnostic tool for the Commodore PET

  1. Rizal Acob says:

    Hi Mike,

    I received the PETVet today…had to hurry home and install it. Great device. My PET2001 – (8) has now 32K of RAM…and BASIC2. I have posted my first impression on it at VCF:
    I still need to play or test the other features…

    What a wonderful device ..

  2. phreakindee says:


    This project looks fantastic, and a dream come true to my unusable CBM 8032. It has a set of dead RAM chips and is just sitting there waiting for a solution.

    Very much looking forward to more details whenever you have them! I’d love to get my PET working properly.


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