PETdisk, and a simple serial programmer for AVRs

Hi there,

Commodore PET enthusiasts out there might be interested in the PETdisk, which is a gadget I put together recently. It is a simple storage device for Commodore PETs which connects directly to the IEEE-488 port, and has a passthrough port so you can still connect other disk drives. Check it out at the PETdisk page.

For the PETdisk and other Atmel AVR projects, I normally use an STK500 programmer to program the microcontrollers, which works well – but I would like to try one of the simpler serial programmers to see how well they work. The immediate use of this would be to help those who already have a PETdisk to update their firmware when updates are available, but I am also generally interested in how simple the simplest possible serial programmer would be. I’ll let you know how it goes!

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