PETdisk firmware upgrade available, now with SD card bootloader!

Hi there,

I’ve been working on an update for the PETdisk firmware which includes a bootloader to make future firmware updates simple. Now you will be able to update the firmware directly from the SD card – just copy a file onto the micro-SD card, put it into the PETdisk, and power on the PETdisk. Once the device finds a firmware update, it will automatically reprogram itself with the new code. This will even allow people to hack around on the firmware and try out changes themselves, without a programming cable. New PETdisk orders will include this update. I have changed the microcontroller in the PETdisk from an ATMega8 to an ATMega168, which has twice the program memory (16k as opposed to 8k).
In addition to the bootloader, the firmware upgrade will add support for wildcards, so commands like
LOAD “*”,9
LOAD “part*”,9
will now work.
Also the BASIC 4.0 DLOAD command is working, and I have fixed a bug which was preventing certain files with capital letters in the extension (“.PRG”) from loading properly.

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