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PETdisk firmware v1.21 available now

Finished another firmware update, this one allows you to use long file names when saving files on the PETdisk. So now you can save something like SAVE “LONGFILENAME”,9 and it will work. Yippee! Download the update on the PETdisk Technical … Continue reading

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‘Plus Too’ – a Mac Plus replica!

Check out the Plus Too over on the ‘Big Mess o’ Wires‘ site – it’s a hardware replica of a Mac Plus/Mac 512ke computer, built from an FPGA development board. A very impressive and exciting project!

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PETdisk article on Tezza’s Classic Computers Blog

Tezza, the creator of Tezza’s Classic Computers Blog, wrote an excellent article on the PETdisk. Check it out and his other postings as well.

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