Keyboard Adapters

Here are some of the keyboard adapters I’ve built, I’ll post details on each of these shortly..
You can build your own, or order kits for each of these.


ADB to PS/2

Fujitsu FM770AX

3 Responses to Keyboard Adapters

  1. Francesco says:

    Is this something that could help my Commodore 8296 without his original keyboard?

    Thank you.


    • bitfixer says:

      Hi Francesco,

      I have plans to build a PS2-to-PET keyboard adapter, which would help you with your 8296. I’ll keep you posted when I get a chance to start on this project!

  2. Julien says:

    Really great, but is it possible to make an adapter that convert a Commodore keyboard to PS2.

    My old 8096-SK is not working and I would like to put a PC into the case to run an emulator. So I would like to use the old Commodore keyboard with it to keep the retro feel.



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