The PETvet is a RAM and ROM replacement board for the Commodore PET, and potentially other 6502 based microcomputers. The PETvet connects to the 6502 socket in your PET, and allows you to select your boot ROM via jumper settings. It also allows you to view the memory of a running PET using the replacement RAM by halting the CPU and sending the memory contents over a serial port.

PETvet Operation

The PETvet is currently available, fully assembled, for $70 USD. This includes SRAM to fully replace the RAM and ROM in your PET (or only parts of the memory map, if you want). Or you can just use the one from your PET.

It is not necessary to remove the existing RAM/ROM in your PET to use this, although you can if you like. The PETvet is able to selectively access sections of memory from either the mainboard or from the PETvet RAM, depending on a configurable ‘mapping RAM’.

The PETvet is also available as a kit by special request.
If you are interested in ordering, please email me at:

PETvet is licensed under a GNU GPL License.

To build custom ROM images and memory maps for the PETvet, download the source code here:
PETvet Source 1.0

This includes a script to assist in building ROM images for the PETvet, as well as custom memory maps.

PETvet schematics:
Sheet 1

Sheet 2

Product Options
1PETvet assembled$60.00
Shipping Rate: A

4 Responses to PETvet

  1. Rizal Acob says:

    Hi Mike,
    I believe I already sent u a private email expressing my interest in purchasing one PETVet. I bought a PETDisk but found out my PET2001 needs repair. I think my ROMS are bad that is why I am so desperate. My only hope is probably the PETvet.

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  4. Rory says:

    Hi I am fixing a water damaged 4016 and a flaky 8032 and I would like to order 1x PETvet kit and 2x PETdisk kits, my address is in the uk, what do the petvet kits cost?
    I am also interested in the petpix, what is the frame rate and can the sd card be access like the pet disk?

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