Here we have all of the goodies I am currently offering for sale. I hope you find something you like!
I generally send out all orders via US Priority Mail. If your order fits in a single box, shipping for multiple items can be combined.
Current rates are $6 within the US, $20 to Canada, and $25 international.
Currently I do not directly collect payment through the order page, I am just using it to track and update order status. After you make an order I will contact you by email to complete the order and to arrange payment via PayPal. Thanks!

  • PETdiskPETdisk

    The PETdisk is a simple storage device for the Commodore PET series of computers. PETdisk uses a microSD card for mass storage and uses the PET’s IEEE-488 port. Documentation, schematics, and source code will be provided here. Build your own … Continue reading

    Order PETdisk PETdisk assembled @ $50.00
  • PETvetJumper settings for the PETvet

    The PETvet is a RAM and ROM replacement board for the Commodore PET, and potentially other 6502 based microcomputers. The PETvet connects to the 6502 socket in your PET, and allows you to select your boot ROM via jumper settings. … Continue reading


2 Responses to Store

  1. Chris Hewitt says:

    I tried to purchase the PetDisk kit yesterday, but although a PayPal option was there it did not take me through the buying process, leaving me with a “Thank you for your order” message, but no email etc for confirmation, or ability to pay.

    You do not have a method of contacting you on your site, apart I guess from this.

    • bitfixer says:

      Hi Chris,
      Thanks for the order,
      right now I do not have the purchase page linked to PayPal, since I’m mainly using that to keep track of orders. I tried to contact you by email to finalize the order, but my mail was bounced back. Seems like there may be an issue with your email account. Just tried again to email you, let’s see if it gets through.

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