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  1. herve warin says:

    Hi – I am trying to order a PetDisk and a PetVet but unfortunately, once I’ve completed checkout, it says “Your shopping cart is currently empty” – Sems to be a problem somewhere – Could you help on this ?

    Regards – Herve WARIN

    • bitfixer says:

      Hi Herve,
      yes, at the moment the site does not directly collect PayPal payments, but just lets me keep track of everyone who wants a PETvet/PETdisk. I will contact you directly with payment instructions as soon as I have your PETdisk/PETvet available – ordering some new parts now so it should be ready within the next week or so. I’m filling all of the orders myself so sometimes it takes a bit of time to get to every order. Thanks!
      - Mike

  2. Brett Hunter says:

    I tried to order a petfix and petdisk, but it never asked for payment – do I payapl you directly?

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